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"Everything human in the hand of God was and now is. Best therefore is intelligence, foresight. Much must he learn both in love and horror, who for long here in these days of warring draws breath in the world!" -- lines 1058-1062

Friday, June 29, 2007

Description of Koh-e-Kaaf as It is Now

The Land of Koh-e-Kaaf, or Mount Kaaf, a land of many nations, many species, serving many Gods; a land of magic, wizardry and illusion; of mistrust and cunning; plagued by conflicts, civil wars, famines, greed, Dacoitry, diseases; a place no longer fit for existence, especially for a species known as humans -- they are hybrids mostly of humans and the other species of the land -- that must leave to avoid extinction naturally and unnaturally, as their presence is becoming most unwelcome to the natives of the world known as Kaaf.


noor said...

can anyone give exact co ordinates of mount koh e kaaf
is it mythical or real
where is it located


Thalet Bukhari said...

It is a mythic mountain. For me it is the mountain in the stories that I was told about.